Why use Prostate Massage


Many massage therapies are getting more press these days as so many people start to appreciate how many benefits there are for massage. One massage that is completely tailored for a man and does seem to be very beneficial is the prostate massage

For anyone that is not aware of what the prostate gland is and what it entails, it is the male equivalent of the g-spot and is located in the anus.  As with most massage therapies, research is still ongoing, but it is said that a regular prostate massage can help to reduce instances of prostatis and also might help with reducing the risk of prostate cancer. It also can be quite a pleasurable experience for guys and so it is something that is growing across the UK.

Many guys in the UK will combine this with a sensual massage. One of the common ones we hear about in the London area is a lingam massage with a prostate massage in London. Although this massage does give many benefits guys do need to take a bit of care as to where they have this massage done as it is quite an intrusive procedure and does need to be done by someone with some skill in this area.

Most healthcare professionals would advise a guy that wants to get some of this therapy to above all make sure that the person doing the massage is doing so in a very hygienic and careful way and that gloves or an instrument such as a sex toy are used and certainly that some form of lubrication is used to avoid injury pain or both!

There is a lot to be said for a regular prostate massage and from what a lot of the evidence suggests could be a worthwhile exercise on a regular basis for guys that are getting a bit older and therefore more prone to issues in this department.

Using Tantric Massage to Combat Depression


There are more and more people these days that are suffering with psychological disorders of one sort or another and in many cases this can be due to a life changing event or in even more cases to too much stress in one’s life. Quite often when people get themselves into a dark corner like this they dont really know where to turn and many will choose things like recreational drugs and alcohol which will generally make things a lot worse. Others will indeed chooce a more traditional approach and seek help with a local medical practitioner where they may be placed on some medication.

What is becoming more popular now though with people that suffer from such debilitating conditions is the amount of folks that turn to more natural hilistic approaches with surprsiingly good results. One such example is relaxing tantric massage therapy. Generally speaking a massage is very relaxing but the difference with tantric as opposed to other modalities is that it brings with it different dimensions. One example is the breathing techniques which can help with sexual aspects but can also help massively for people who need to calm down and de-stress more. Anything that involves taking time out and relaxing can help with issues like depression

It basically helps one regain their perspective on things and refocus their thoughts and energy. Tantric Massage therefore is a great outlet for people in this regard. Many people will also say that in a lot of cases stress can then lead to depression and so by cutting out the stress through holistic therapy we can also in some instances help prevent depression getting a hold in the first place. Also learning intimacy with your partner and just the human healing touch has a huge effect on personal feelings and wellbeing, and can also be very productive for people in such a predicament!

What is Shiatsu


What is Shiatsu

Many people might be familiar with this type of therapy but perhaps under a different name, Japanese massage for example. This is a technique which relies on finger pressure as a means to achieving the goals of the massage and this happens to be the meaning of Shiatsu which literally translated from Japanese is ‘finger pressure’.

If you are the type of person that is into their alternative or complementary therapy you will be very familiar with Shiatsu as it is in many different complementary therapy centres across many western countries.

Like many of the different oriental forms of massage, the main concept is based upon that of energy flow and in particular ‘Qi’ which is spoken is English as ‘Chee’. The way that this is interpreted by Shiatsu practitioners is that when the energy channels that flow through our bodies become blocked, this is when disease strikes in the body

It is through releasing these channels that the body can then fight off the disease that is present. As well as unblocking the Chee, Shiatsu practitioners will also state that it is through the pressure that they can also promote better blood circulation in the body which in turn makes it possible to get rid of different toxins that have built up in the muscle tissue etc providing ideal conditions for the body o be able to heal itself.

Shiatsu has had quite a lot of good press over recent years and it is widely used by many people suffering from a whole variety of different diseases. Another type of therapy that is also from Japan is Nuru Massage. This is also popular but this can also be used as a more sensual type of therapy whereas something like Shiatsu is exclusively a type of therapy that is purely used to promote good health in those using it.


Choosing which type of sensual therapy

Though it is unknown to most people, Nuru massage has been present among us for thousands of years. The main ingredient of this kind of oriental massage is Nuru oil and is mainly done between couples and is a very intimate form of massage. Nuru oil is an extracted from Nori – a kind of seaweed and this seaweed which is found in sea water has some unique characteristics which help in rejuvenating the skin, body and mind. The benefits of the massage can be gained on the usage of Nuru massage techniques between couple which helps to relieve from pain and stress.

Nuru massage is done between two people when one person slides over to another person helps him in loosening the tightness in muscle and remove the tiredness from the water. One of the main characteristics of Nuru oil is that it does not have any kind of smell or odor. This is especially helpful if anyone is sensitive to smell. Whenever a couple decides to take up Nuru massage session, it is recommended to use the high quality nuru massage oil or gel that is found in the market. Without proper nuru massage gel or oil they will not get the desired result which they are anticipating.

Through the usage of nuru massage, the skin of your body would glow and helps you in keeping your skin hydrated. These massage technique has helped couples in improving their bonding and their relationship making it great for couples and helps to reignite a spark quite frequently in relationships. This type of erotic massage not only helps in reliving of stress and pain from the body but also helps in curing sleep disorders which is one of the reasons this form of massage has become so popular over recent times.

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Some great reasons to take a Nuru Massage



When you are talking about the benefits of the massage forms with the likes of Nuru massage, the benefits and the effects are deeper and more enjoyable compared to most other forms massage. This is the basic reason that this type of massage forms is getting higher a amount of popularity around the world.

Some of the basic benefits of the massage that you are certain to achieve include the likes of relaxing of the body, overcoming tiredness, refreshing the mind and soul and some other effects which you also get when you take a session of any other massage. The unique effect you get is the awakening of the body sensations and stimulates the activity and reaction of the body.

Being of an erotic nature, it has benefits like enhancement of intimacy. While in the session, you are bound to get the eye to eye contact, breathing together and deep and sensual touches all over the body leaves a powerful mark on the intimacy that you share in your relation. The massage can regenerate the lost romance in a relation if undertaken under proper guidance and with full devotion.

The Nuru massage is also known to improve orgasm and bring the state of mind and body to achieve a condition known as full body orgasm. Orgasm has its renowned benefits on the body and the soul of a person and what the full body massage does is to enhance and multiply that feeling.

If you want to experience any of those benefits simply just from a massage then Nuru massage is the thing that you and your partner should definitely undertake. But before you enjoy any of the benefits certainly do remember to know how to perform the massage.

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Learning more about Sensual and Tantric Massage


Sensual massages are carried out by a female to a male or vice versa. It is a type of erotic massages which can include lips, mouth or other body parts as well other than the hands to achieve the goal of the sensual massages. The goal of the sensual massages is to massage the erotic regions of males and females to arouse the sexual feeling. This helps in arousal and giving pleasure and removing stress of the person concerned. This type of massage requires exposing the bodies of both the male and the female.

Both of them need to free themselves and so a proper surrounding is very much needed. Surrounding influences the procedure to a large extent. Choosing a proper location is very important. If the customer calls at home, then there will not be much problem. But if the customer visits the studio, there it must be ensured that the place is having proper privacy.

These massages are done with any kind of oil and there are many oils available only for massage. These oils are very good for sensual massages because they are absorbed by the body and make the body soft. Oils also help to make the massage smooth and the scented oils must be chosen for these purposes as the essence of the oils help to stimulate the sensual feeling of a person.

These massages need to be done very softly and not wildly. Hard pressing may result in loss of the arousal of sexual feeling. There are few techniques used in massaging namely the circle or the fan strokes and also the stretching strokes but traditional massages are always softer and milder. If you want to get some more information on sexual tantric massage then get there are lots of different websites online that have a wealth of information regarding the benefits of the different forms of massage and also the different therapy centres that are offering these.